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FAQ About Hangel Technology

Author: Hangel Tech     Publish Time: 2017-07-21      Origin: www.hangeltech.com


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Question 1, 

Whats the business of Hangel Technology?



Hangel Technology is a professional manufacturer of LED display products in China. We are offering various LED displays to the market of all over the world. Here are our main products as following,


Advertising LED Display Billboard

Rental LED Display Screen

Fine Pixel LED Video Wwall 

Programmable LED Scrolling Message Display Sign

LED Time & Temperature Display Sign

LED Gas Price Sign

LED Pharmacy Cross Display


Question 2, 

Are you factory or trading company?



As manufacturer of LED display products, Hangel Technology has our own factory to produce the products.


We have the professional producing line, technology engineers, R&D team to deal with the regular producing and customized products designing, developing & producing. 


Question 3, 

What benefits can your products bring to me?



For Distributor, in nowadays, LED display is a popular advertising media in all over the world. It is not only an upgrading for the traditional advertising media, but also a supplement.


Every store owner and commercial estate owner are considering to install a LED display billboard for their stores and building.


As distributor, you can get countless opportunities to sell the LED display products to get considerable benefits. Because you are getting the products directly from manufacturer with much better prices.


For end-user, LED display plays dynamic advertisements. It is an upgrading for traditional advertising media. 1 LED display can take hundreds of advertisements. It is easy to update the advertising data, even doesn’t need to touch the LED display body.


And LED display is also a supplement for traditional advertising media. It can play dynamic advertisements, such as video, flash, picture by picture, moving messages, dancing messages, etc. It can help you to get more passengers’ attention to enhance your sales. It can even bring you some extra money. Because you can sell the playing time to play others advertising information.


The designing lifetime of LED display is over 10 years. Even we calculate it on 5 years, you can get much more than its cost. It means you will earn the next 5 years at least!


Question 4,

 Im a new comer to the product, is it easy to operate it?



There is detailed operation manual in the producing packing. It will show you how to operate it step by step.


When talking about whether it is easy or not, I want to say as long as you can type and move the mouse on a computer, you can operate it. The LED display operation is much easier than playing a cell phone.


Question 5, 

Whats the difference between you and other vendors of LED display?



There are many different vendors of LED display in the market. Some are big, some are small; some are factories, some are trading companies.


At first, Hangel Technology is manufacturer of LED display products with own factory.


Second, as factory, we are supplying wide range of LED display products, and offering kinds of customized products with our strong R&D team.


Third, as manufacturer with own factory, we charge the whole procedures of materials purchasing, testing, producing, debugging, packing and after sale service to give you relieved & unworried purchasing.


Question 6, 

Why should I do the business with you, but not with other vendors?



Hangel Technology has strong technical team, rich-experienced production management team, skillful workers & considerate customer service staff. Every Hangeller is ready to give you reliable products & considerate service.


What we are offering is not only the product, but a solution. We are offering a solution to make your business more prosperous, a solution to bring you more profit, a solution to figure out your problems in your ongoing project.


Question 7, 

How is your product quality?



Hangel Technology does the quality control from the material purchasing. Any inferior components were resisted to enter the producing line. In every producing step, there is strict testing rules to avoid disqualification. There are also the final debugging & aging testing.


With the strict requirement of material purchasing, rigorous regulation of producing steps & testing, we are exporting our product to over 50 countries & areas all over the world.


Question 8, 

Whats warranty on your products?



As standard, we offer 2 years warranty to most of our products and enough spare parts in case there is some problem.


Actually, there are less problem on our products. For those products exported in 2010, we checked with our clients to know that most of them are still working well now. And some of them was upgraded to new models.


Question 9, 

If there is some problem occurring, what should I do?



As mentioned above, we are offering enough spare parts for our products when delivery.


If there is some problem occurring unfortunately, you can locate the area of problem, cut power to replace it with spare parts. Then your LED display can work well again.


Then send back the replaced modules (or other components) to us for repairing.


Question 10, 

Why should I trust you?



We have been in the field over 7 years, and some of engineers are in the field over 10 years.


In world wide, hundreds of distributors, contractors & end-users choose to cooperate with us. Some of them even change their business core.


We are not only selling the product, we are establishing a business circle all over the world. All the members can directly or indirectly exchange the information of different markets, customers, products, etc.


Question 11, 

What about the product packing, payment, leading time or delivery?



Packing: pearl foam interior & plywood case outside as standard.


Flight case packing is optional on your requirement.


Carton box packing is only for some small items or sample orders.


Payment: bank T/T 40% in advance, balance before delivery out of factory.


West Union or Paypal are available for sample orders.


Leading Time: the order can be ready in 15 days regularly.


Delivery: express delivery (DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, Aramex, EMS), sea shipping, airline shipping are all available on your requirement.


Question 12, 

Why should I make decision now, but not wait to see?



If everything is clear about us and everything on your side is ready, you should make the decision at the moment. Early decision can bring you early benefits, and it can release you from the project. You can pay more attention to your other jobs.


Senseless delays will make you anxious, and cant focus on your other jobs.


So if everything is clear, why not make the decision right now? 

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