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Osram Multi Chipled Provides High Quality Glasses Free 3D LED Displays

Author: LeahRae     Publish Time: 2013-10-30      Origin: ledinside.com


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To make the case of Glasses Free 3D Displays in public areas viable, the size and quality of displays are critical. Thanks to Osram Opto Semiconductors’ cutting edge technology, a recent Glasses Free 3D Display introduced by Atech Korea Co., Ltd. measures up to 500 inches. These video display walls are intended to be used in indoor public areas, such as shopping mall and exhibition hall. With a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and screen brightness at 4,500 cd/m2, the viewing distance can be up to 30 meters.

Glasses Free 3D Displays have been introduced for more than a year but the adoption rate in large size applications has been unsatisfactory.  The current displays are in fact LCD displays with backlit LEDs or edge-lit LEDs.  With this backlit or edge-lit technology, the size of displays is constrained by the size of LCD panels.  However, with the recent work of Atech, using Osram’s Multi Chipled to produce a truly 3D LED display, the size barrier is overcome. The LEDs emit light directly and operate as individual pixels with a Lenticular Lens” developed by Atech to create High Definition (HD) 3D images.

 “We have chosen Osram’s Multi Chipled LEDs because the RGB chips in these LEDs can be driven individually to mix any color required thereby producing extremely accurate pixel colors for vivid images, and also the product has a black surface with diffused resin to provide highest contrast possible in our screens,” said Seokhwa Kim, president of Atech Korea. They also come in a tiny 1.6 × 1.6 × 0.9 mm package, making it possible to have a pixel spacing of only 2 mm.  In effect, millions of pixels can be accommodated in an area of less than 10 m², sufficient to display pictures in resolution of 1980 x 1080 HDTV with brilliant colors and excellent contrast.

“Our Multi Chipled series come in an ultra black package that hardly reflects any ambient light at all and the high image quality is maintained even in very bright environment,” said Kai-Chong Cheng, Senior Marketing Director APAC of Osram Opto Semiconductors.  “Moreover, the color impression remains constant across the entire viewing angle of 100˚.  That is why, Multi Chipled LEDs are ideal for display applications in public space such as shopping malls, exhibition halls and being a true LED TV.

Nobody in a public space will be willing to pick up eyewear just to watch public video displays that are mostly of an infotainment nature.  It is therefore believed that the potential of 3D will be unlocked by the ridding off of glasses.  While Atech has developed a “Lenticular Lens” to deliver 3D images without the use of glasses, this “Lenticular Lens is also capable of converting 3D images to 2D, depending on the display requirements.  With the use of Osram's Multi Chipled, these displays have high resolution, good picture quality and high brightness.  They are expected to draw many eyeballs and will become the focal points in public places.

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