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  • Taxi Roof Top LED Moving Message Display Sign Light

    LED Taxi Roof Top Moving Message Light Display Sign can easily broadcast much more advertising information. With the GPRS internet connection, the advertisement administrating & broadcasting becomes easy and high-effective. It takes taxi companies large revenue, but less cost increasing. Or rather, we can say, this kind of LED Taxi Roof Top Light Display Sign opens a 2nd income channel for taxi company. It will increase taxi companies income largely.

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  • General Instruction on LED Message Sign Controlling Method

    About LED scrolling message sign, we will think of the various controlling methods, kinds of data transmitting port, etc. Generally, for the data transmitting, there are so many different ways available for the LED message center, such as the “USB port for flash drive, RS232, RS485, LAN port, RF, Infrared, WIFI, GPRS, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc.” Let’s discuss them one by one here.

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