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LG Electronics Showcases LED Display Products at Digital Signage Expo 2014

Author: judy.lin     Publish Time: 2014-03-03      Origin: ledinside.com


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LG Electronics USA has unveiled its next-generation line of digital signage products - led by the world's slimmest bezel (3.5mm) LED displays for giant video walls as well as industry-leading Ultra High-Definition 4K commercial displays – underscoring LG's commitment to leadership in scale, resolution and color depth for commercial displays.

Customers attending Digital Signage Expo 2014 (LG Booth 500) will have the opportunity to interact with LG's business-to-business (B2B) solutions for multi-touch displays, transparent displays, outdoor signage and new commercial applications for airports, quick-service restaurants (QSR) and retail settings.  

"We're expanding our leadership in digital signage responding to market demand as new categories continue to grow," said Ki Mun Paik, B2B senior vice president, LG Electronics USA. "This year, we're building on our commitment to delivering superior engineering advances in a wide-range of real world commercial applications."

LG's 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) 55LV75A Direct LED Display   

The super narrow bezel of each display measures 3.5mm, the narrowest bezel to bezel on a video wall in the industry, allowing for each display to be connected seamlessly with other displays to create a powerful and impactful video wall that becomes less a collection of panels and more of a seamless image for a much more engaging, immersive experience for the viewers. 

The 55LV75A screen features Direct LED backlighting technology, displays crisp, clear Full HD 1080p content. Integrated into all LED models, LG's In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology helps ensure accurate color saturation and contrast at wide-angle viewing (both horizontally and vertically), resulting in a display with great picture quality that can be installed at virtually any angle or height. LG's unique display technology also provides a screen surface temperature tolerance of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius), which helps alleviate a common problem of displays overheating, and as a result, affecting picture quality.

"As we're seeing an explosion of digital signage use in new categories and installations, the importance of adapting our products for new uses is also increasing," said Dan Smith, director of digital signage, LG Electronics USA. "Color accuracy, saturation and viewing angles are key considerations, and LG's IPS technology delivers."

webOS for Signage Solutions 

A number of new LG 2014 digital signage products, enabled by LG's new webOS platform, feature an all-in-one hardware and software solution.  This allows LG software partners to install and run their software in a more simplified solution. LG's architecture enables easy-to-build web-based apps across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. LG's software development kit allows integrators to construct their own ideal customized signage solution. The introduction of a middleware layer above webOS allows system integrators to write HTML programs for their customized solutions.

Convergent Displays  


LG's new 60-inch class 60WL30MS is a slim-design, narrow-bezel LED display, featuring an embedded media player with eight gigabytes USB memory built-in. The display's local dimming technology helps assure brightness and vivid contrast for high quality, while consuming less power and decreasing its environmental impact. With LG's IPS technology, 60WL30MS is capable of landscape and portrait display to optimize its impact in the installation's environment.

Square Displays 

New for 2014 is LG's 26.5-inch Square Display that offers a new and unique way for users to create custom content in a diverse signage matrix. This allows multiple displays to be combined for content in unique and eye-catching configurations for retail signage applications. 

Mirror Signage 

Geared towards the fashion and retail sector, LG's new 55-inch class Full HD Mirror Signage functions as a mirror and a high-quality touch-screen display for innovative, interactive in-store applications. It's "Virtual Fitting" application uses the unit's touchscreen and proximity sensor to cleverly interact with consumers and the immediate environment. Store visitors can generate a 360-degree onscreen representation of themselves to virtually "try on" clothes and accessories without having to enter a changing room.

Transparent Displays  

LG's 47-inch class Full HD transparent display is a state-of-the-art product designed for the retail section. At DSE 2014, LG will demonstrate how its improved see-through screen can add a new dimension to the in-store marketing of consumables. Showing interactive promotional content, such as lifestyle images, feature explanations and usage examples, the display integrates seamlessly with actual products and the surrounding environment.

The award-winning transparent display highlights the innovative engineering capabilities of LG.  The LCD panel has a proprietary overlay that allows for integrators to create custom content, ideal for quick service restaurants (QSR) and retail locations. With LG's proprietary IR-Spread touch technology, the transparent display provides smooth and accurate 10 point multi-touch interaction and gestures for a broad range of precise interactive needs.

SuperSign TV 

LG's 47-inch class SuperSign TV expands the innovative technology that made the original, award-winning EzSign TVs so popular. SuperSign TVs offer customizable signage content running simultaneously with live TV, attracting attention while delivering messaging to consumers, while LED lighting improves the image quality and energy efficiency of these new ENERGY STAR® certified models.

EcoSmart Features 

All of LG's LED signage displays are ENERGY STAR® certified and incorporate LG's EcoSmart features, allowing for multiple manual and automatic options for energy conservation. Providing an ideal solution for corporate and lodging environments looking to save on energy costs, LG EcoSmart features include:

Dynamic Power Savings feature that reduces power consumption and optimizes picture settings,

Static Power Savings feature that allows the installer to set the preferred power consumption level,

Intelligent Sensor feature that allows integrators to program the display to respond to the ambient light in the room and automatically reduce brightness and energy output under most circumstances.

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