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System Troubleshooting LED Display System Failure

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-03      Origin: Site


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The first step:

Check that the graphics card settings are set up properly.

The second step:

Check the basic connection of the system, such as DVI line, correct network line socket, connection between main control card and PC PCI cable, serial line connection, etc.

The third step:

Check that the computer and LED power system meet the usage requirements. When the power of the LED screen is insufficient, when it is close to white (more power consumption), it will cause the screen to flicker, and prepare a suitable power supply according to the power requirements of the cabinet.

The fourth step:

Check if the green light of the sending card flashes regularly. Blink to step 6. If it does not flash, restart it. Check if the green light flashes regularly before entering the windows system. If the flashing goes to the second step, please check if the DVI cable is connected well, if the problem is not solved, one of the sender card, graphics card (or graphics card settings) and DV cable I is faulty, please repeat step 3 after replacing.

The fifth step:

Please follow the software instructions to set or re-install and then set it until the green light of the sending card flashes, otherwise repeat step 3.

The sixth step:

Check if the green light (data light) of the receiving card flashes synchronously with the green light of the sending card. If it flashes to step 8, check if the red light (power) is on. If it turns on the seventh step, it does not light up to check whether the yellow light (power protection) is on. If it is not lit, check whether the power supply is connected or the power supply has no output. If it is bright, check if the power supply voltage is 5V. If the power is turned off, remove the adapter card and cable and try again. If the problem is not solved, the receiving card is faulty. Replace the receiving card. , repeat step 6. 

The seventh step:

Check whether the network cable is connected well or too long (must use the standard Super Category 5 network cable, the longest distance of the cable without repeater is 100 meters), check whether the network cable is made according to the standard (please refer to the installation and setting), If the receiving card is not resolved, replace the receiving card and repeat step 6.

The eighth step;

Check whether the large-screen power light is on. If it does not turn on, go to step 7 and check if the adapter card interface definition line matches the cell board.


After most screens are connected, there may be no screen or flower screen in a certain box. Because the RJ45 interface of the network cable is not securely connected, or the receiving card power is not connected, the signal is not passed, so please re-plug it. The network cable (or swap), or plug in the receiving card power (pay attention to the direction) can solve the problem.



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