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General Instruction on LED Message Sign Controlling Method

Author: Hangel Technology     Publish Time: 2016-09-10      Origin: Site


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About LED message sign, we will think of the various controlling methods, kinds of data transmitting port, etc. Generally, for the data transmitting, there are so many different ways available for the LED message center, such as the “USB port for flash drive, RS232, RS485, LAN port, RF, Infrared, WIFI, GPRS, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc.” Let’s discuss them one by one here. 
1, LED Moving Sign with RS232 port for data transmitting
For LED moving sign, RS232 port is the original data port. But now it is something old, outdated. In regular present personal computers, there is no the port. So the LED scrolling sign with the RS232 port is not recommended for the regular personal using, such as store banner, show window sign, store signage, shop message center, etc. If you are unfortunate to have a LED message display with only the RS232 port, you can find a switcher of RS232/USB to help to connect it to your computer for message updating.
But on the other hand, the RS232 port widely exists in industrial area, such as machine data transmitting, traffic system terminal devices connecting, OBC (on-board computer), car park system, central controlling system, etc. LED display board with the RS232 is also widely used in these areas as terminal display devise to broadcast information. And it is easily compatible with kinds of machine and controlling devices.
2, LED Moving Display with USB port for flash drive.
At present, for LED moving display sign, USB port for flash drive is one of the most popular data transmitting ways. USB flash drive is the most widely used storage devise. It is popular all over the world for its small body, large memory, convenience to use, carry and save. Therefore, it inevitably becomes the most popular way to update messages on LED display signs. And it is still the most popular way for its low cost & convenience, even with the impact of the WIFI connection. It is one of the most recommended way for regular personal using, such as store banner, store signage, shop window sign, personal LED car sign, etc.
3, LED Message Center with LAN port for data transmitting
For LED message center, LAN port is always an powerful option for data transmitting. The advantage is it is more common than the RS232 port, and faster to transmit the large programs. Therefore, for some large size LED display board, LAN port is always the 1st option. And it is easy to establish Local Area Network with the TCP/IP for group central controlling, easy for central office to broadcast information in the area. But due to the cost is a little high, it is not so popular for small size LED scrolling signs.
4, LED Scrolling Sign with RF module for data transmitting
RF is the Radio Frequency. It is a way of wireless data transmission. It is regular valid in 100m, depends on the TX power. It is used for kinds of outdoor LED signs to save the job of wiring. It brings convenience for user to install and operate the outdoor LED message display. Client can just sit in office to update all the LED signs around his or her shop or store.
The disadvantage is that it is not fast enough to transmit large programs. Therefore, it is not recommended to LED video sign board. And the cost is a little. With the WIFI rising up in the LED message sign, RF transmitting is declined day by day.
5, LED Scrolling Display with infrared remote controlling
Infrared remote controlling is always there for small size LED message display, such as 1 line led sign, 2-line led sign, etc. It takes some convenient to users. The LED sign don’t need to be connected to a computer, or run special software. He or she can update the messages just by an infrared remote controller.
The disadvantage is that it supports only the western European languages. And it is only feasible for small size LED message signs.
6, LED Display Sign with WIFI connection for data transmitting     
In recent 2 year, the cost of WIFI connection for LED display sign reduced sharply. So it develops a lot and brings users much convenience. There is a WIFI AP (access point) module inbuilt in LED display sign. Computer & smart phone can directly connect the WIFI point to update the messages. It is also wireless, no wiring job, and widely suitable for most computers and smart phones. For smart phone, Android & IOS app are both available. It becomes so convenient, well suitable for regular personal using, such as LED store banner sign, LED show window sign, restaurant message center, kinds of indoor & outdoor LED display, etc.
What’s more, with the WIFI connection, the LED sign can also be connected to internet for real remote & group controlling. Users can sit in central office to update all their LED message display signs connected in internet. It is widely suitable for various chain store, chain restaurant, professional advertising company, some central controlling, etc.
7, LED Sign Board with GPRS, 3G, 4G connection
GPRS, 3G, 4G connection are similar in fact, just the communication technology of different generations. For this kind of controlling mode, it is special for some professional advertising companies, convenient for group controlling. Such as the taxi advertising companies, bus advertising companies, chain stores, some other advertising companies with many terminal advertising signs. With these kinds of connection, they can broadcast the same advertising messages to different terminal devices uniformly.
It is sure that the cost is also high relatively. It refers to the fixed cost to local telcom operator every month. And for the LED sign itself, the cost is much higher due to the inbuilt communication module of GRPS, 3G or 4G.
8, LED Message Board with GSM controlling
Similarly with the GPRS, 3G, 4G, it refers to an inbuilt communication module of GSM, the sign cost is also higher than the regular LED message sign.
For the LED message sign with GSM controlled, clients can send SMS to the LED sign in some fixed format. The sign can recognize the SMS and play the SMS messages automatically when it receives the SMS. It is also convenient for users.
It is suitable for some clients with special requirements. It also refers to the cost to the local telcom operator.
9, LED Scrolling Message Display with RS485 connection       
LED message display with RS485 connection is also special for industrial area. It is similar with RS232, but available for connection of “1 to n”. “1 to n” means 1 computer can connect to several pcs of LED sign. It is also a way to broadcast information uniformly. For example, there are 4 signs in a bus, playing the bus route and destination information. All the signs are connected to the OBC. The connection is done by RS485. And all the information is broadcast uniformly to the 4 signs by the OBC.
All the above 9 methods of data transmitting are almost all available way for LED display sign. We always recommend right method according to project function requirement. And as standard, we offer USB port version & WIFI version for wholesale & retail clients. For project contractor clients, we can propose professional suggestion accordingly.
Should any question, everyone is always welcome to contact us for a solution. 

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