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LED Display Electrostatic Protection Principle And Protective Measures

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The main component of the LED display is the LED semiconductor product, and its rated maximum voltage value between the pins, once exceeded, the LED display will be malfunctioning or even damaged. Static electricity is often the main reason, so protecting static electricity is critical to LED displays.

So how do we protect the LED display from static electricity? First of all, we should follow the three basic principles of electrostatic protection

1.Regularly check whether all the electrostatic protection systems of the LED display are normal. Usually we use a surface impedance tester or an electrostatic tester to detect the presence of static electricity. If found, the electrostatic protection system should be repaired in time.
2. Adhere to the electrostatic sensitive components of the LED display in the electrostatic protection work area. Generally, we use table mats, conductive floors, bracelets, foot rings or ion fans to isolate static electricity.
3. Electrostatic sensitive components of LED displays must be shielded or stored in static electricity during transportation and storage, usually using electrostatic shielding bags, conductive boxes, conductive boxes, conductive plates, etc.

Then there are the main measures for electrostatic protection of LED display

(1)Neutralization method
Using an ion wind or ion gun to blow a large amount of positive and negative ions to neutralize the static charge on the surface of the non-conductor (insulator)
(2)Divergence mode 
Eliminate static electricity on the conductor by grounding treatment; or limit the current rate by path resistance, and control the length of static dissipation time;
(3)Shelter mode Use a shielding bag or a conductive box to shield the electromagnetically sensitive components of the LED display from being shielded during transfer.
Static electricity is extremely harmful to the LED display. Therefore, whether it is in production or in use, we should do static electricity protection to ensure the normal operation and service life of the LED display.


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