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LED Display Safe Power Distribution

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-15      Origin: Site


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After the LED display is installed, it needs to be tested. Power distribution is one of the most important tasks. The safe power distribution operation can not only extend the life of the LED display, but also avoid unnecessary losses and dangers.

Safety distribution knowledge usually includes the following six elements:

1. The phase arrangement of the power distribution device should meet the following requirements:  
① The circuits and phase sequence in the same power distribution device should be arranged consistently;
② hard busbars should be painted, the color is: A phase yellow, B phase green, C phase red, zero line black;
③  soft busbars should be marked as distinct.

2. The arrangement of the wires in the interval of the power distribution device shall be left at the position where the temporary grounding wire is suspended, and no phase lacquer shall be applied at this place  

3.The layout of distribution devices and the selection of conductors, electrical appliances and frames should meet the requirements of normal operation, overhaul and short circuit.

Voltage requirements do not endanger personal safety and peripheral equipment.

4.High voltage isolation switch operation sequence
(1) Power-off operation sequence: (a) disconnect the low-voltage branch air switch, (b) the isolating switch. (c) Disconnect the low voltage main switch. (d) Disconnect the high-pressure oil switch. (e) Disconnect the high voltage disconnector.
(2) The power transmission operation sequence is opposite to the power failure sequence.

5. Low-voltage switch operation sequence:
(1) Power-off operation sequence: (a) Disconnect the low-pressure branch air switch and disconnector. (b) Disconnect the low voltage main switch.
(2) The power transmission sequence is opposite to the power failure.

6. The power distribution requirements of the power distribution cabinet must be greater than the actual power demand. The actual power can only be regarded as 80% of the power of the entire power distribution cabinet.


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