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Hangel Logo Updating

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Due to the outburst of Coronavirus, we decide to carry out our job home from today (Feb. 10th). Before we come back to office, all of our job will be done at home. Pre-sale service, technical support, after-sale service, partners following up, order arrangement, etc., all of these will be done and listed at home, to ensure all the job and producing can be arranged and delivered in order.


And with Management approval in 2019, our new LOGO had been done. And it is valid from today, Feb. 10th, 2020. 

Hangel Logo Updating  

The old LOGO keeps valid in 2020, and will fade away gradually in the following 1 year.


The new LOGO is describing our business better, and will lead us going further in the market! Everyone of us is a part of Hangel! Let’s push Hangel to a higher level together!

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