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220pcs of outdoor P3.91 Rental LED Display to New Mexico

Author: Hangel LED      Publish Time: 2023-08-25      Origin: Rental LED Display Inquire

220pcs of outdoor P3.91 Rental LED Display to New Mexico

LED Screen Factory – Rental LED Display

1, Product Details

  • Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm

  • LED Module Size: 250x250mm

  • LED Panel Size: 500x1000mm

  • Qty of LED Panel: 220pcs

  • Receiving Card: Novastar

  • Refresh Rate: 3840HZ

  • Packing: Flight Cases

  • Shipping Destination: New Mexico, USA

2, Spare Parts

  • Spare LED Beads: 2000pcs

  • Spare LED Modules: 80pcs

  • Spare Power Supplies: 20pcs

  • Spare Receiving Cards: 10pcs

  • Spare Jumper Cables: 10 sets

  • Other components and wires are allocated according to the actual situation

3, Application Scenarios of the outdoor P3.91 Rental LED Display

  • Commercial and political events

  • Outdoor sporting events

  • Touring

  • Churches

  • Commercial events

  • Weddings and Ceremonies and Carnivals

4, Rental LED Screens exported to other States of USA

  • California

  • New Mexico

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Texas

5, More Pictures of the Rental LED Display

Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91 -1Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-2Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-3Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-5Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-6Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-4Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-8Pantalla LED para exteriores P3.91-9

Hangel LED Screen Factory is –

  • Over 10 years experienced LED Screen Manufacturer and factory in Shenzhen, China

  • Applying 100% new branded and qualified materials to ensure your LED screen stable and qualified

  • Offering factory prices with 3 years high quality warranty

  • Offering 5% spares parts to your orders

  • Global quality standard with CE, EMC, LVD, ROHS, FCC, CTICK, UL certified

  • Overseas customer in over 68 countries in the world

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