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HTS-BR7.62-32XX Programmable LED Bus Route Line Display Sign Board

DIP LEDs, 9 mil LED chip, high brightness, constant current driving, shake proof
DC9V ~ DC36V power input, working temperature -30 Celsius ~ 70 Celsius
Open communication & SDK are available for docking with other controlling system
2 lines playing the route information at the same time, all world languages are supported
CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC certificated, 2 years warranty
Customized sizes are available
  • HTS-BR7.62-32XX

LEDs :
Displaying Color:
Resolution Available :
High Quality LEDs
The sign is using high quality LEDs, DIP546, 9 mil large LED chip. It makes sure the high brightness & low attenuation.
High Quality Power Supply
The power supply supports wide scale of voltage input, DC9V ~ DC36V are all available. It works well to prevent the effect of the vehicle power voltage fluctuation.
And the power supply can work well at the temperature of -30 Celsius to 70 Celsius. There is self protection module inside. When the temperature is over its extremity, it will stop working automatically to avoid the damage
Special Designed PCB, Shake Proof  
All the vehicle signs are using special designed PCB. It is much more stable with constant current driving. And it is the structure of separate lamp board & driving board, to make sure there is wider circuit, less heat.
And the whole sign is shake proof. It can perform well even in severe environment.   
Smart Sign, All Messages Are Programmable
> For the sign, all the messages played are programmable. Clients can edit the right wanted messages and transmit them to the sign easily. And there is large memory space for the sign to save over 100 pcs of different messages.
> And the sign can also be divided into some zones to play different messages at the same time.
Rich Options for Data Transmitting
> There are many different data ports optional for data transmitting, WIFI connection, USB port, LAN port, RS233, RS485, GPRS, GSM, 3G, etc. Some are convenient for end user operating, some are necessary for project using.
> And the controlling is a kind of offline mode. After the right data is transmitted, the data connection can be cut. And it won’t affect the sign playing.
All World Languages Are Supported
Clients don’t need to worry about the local minority languages. Because all the languages can be played on the sign, as long as it can be typed in computer, or can be made as a graphic file, such as .bmp file.
Open Communication & SDK are available 
Open communication & SDK are available for the sign docking with other controlling devices or system. 
Customized Sizes & Requirements
Kinds of clients’ special requirement are acceptable. Such as custom size of the sign, logo printing, solar power, etc.
> installed in bus playing the bus route information 
> used as regular LED moving message display sign board to play advertisement messages. 
Model No. HTS-BR7.62-32XX
Pixel Pitch 7.625mm
LEDs DIP 546, 9 mil chip
Displaying Color Available Single Color:  red, green, blue, yellow, white, etc.
7 Colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan & white
Displaying Height 244mm, 10 inches, playing Bus route as 2 lines, 2 languages
such as
1st line, Spanish, Desde Barcelona B751 A Madrid
2nd line, English, From Barcelona B751 To Madrid
Resolution Available 32x128 pixels, 32x160 pixels, 32x192 pixels  
Sign Size Available 285mm H x 1015mm L x 45mm D (32128)
285mm H x 1260mm L x 45mm D (32160)
285mm H x 1500mm L x 45mm D (32192)
Housing Material Aluminum frame, black coating
Brightness Different brightness for different display color models, but the brightness of every color is bright enough to read, even the sign facing sunlight
Brightness Controlling 16 levels of brightness adjustable
Driving Mode Constant current driving
Protection IP43, no water proof, for car windscreen use, shake proof
Power Input DC9V ~ DC36V power input
Working Temp. -30 Celsius ~ +70 Celsius
Working Humi. 10% ~ 90%
Maintenance Side access, replace fault components
Data Transmitting WIFI connection, USB port, LAN port, RS232, RS485, GPRS, GSM, Infrared remoter, etc. optional
Language Supported All world languages are supported
Playing Programmable messages, time, date, temp (optional), graphic
MTBF > 3000 Hours
LED Life Span 50,000 Hours
Any other clients’ customized requirement, please contact us at sales@hangeltech.com without any hesitate.
The parameters are for reference only. There will be a little difference due to different hardware disposition. All rights are reserved to Hangel Technology

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