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  • [FAQ] FAQ About Hangel Technology

    Question 1, What’s the business of Hangel Technology? Question 2, Are you manufacturer / factory or trading company? Question 3, What benefits can your products bring to me? Question 4, I’m a new comer to the product, is it easy to operate it? Question 5, What’s the difference between you and other vendors of LED display? Question 6, Why should I do the business with you, but not with other vendors? Question 7, How is your product quality? Question 8, What’s warranty on your products? ...

  • [Company News ] National Day Vacation Arrangement

    National Day is coming. And in 2017, The National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival are at near days. To make sure clients and producing department arrange orders and prouding well, here we public the vacation arrange in advance as following, Sep. 30th, Saturday, keep working as usual; Oct. 1st to 8th

  • [Company News ] Chinese New Year Vacation

    Chinese New Year will be on Jan. 28, 2017. As the most important festival inChina, Chinese New Year brings us the longest vacation days, besides the greatest enjoy, family reunion in a whole year. Here our vacation arrangement is as following, Vacation days: from Jan. 21 to Feb. 05; Back to offic

  • [Industry News] Nigerian State to Profit Annually From LED Displays

    LED displays are helping State to earn money!!! The Delta State Government in Nigeria announced recently it will be raking in 65 million Naira (US $ 206,185.85) annually from its LED display boards installed throughout the state, reported Channels21 TV.The new displays were deployed as an alternative method to generate revenue, said a state offic

  • [Company News ] Christmas & New Year Coming!!!

    Christmas & New Year Coming!!! Holiday season is coming. Wish all friends have a Merry Christmas & Great New Year Holiday!!! At the end of 2016, Hangel Tech highly appreciated all friends’ supporting in the whole year! And we will try our best to offer better products & better service to you. Let


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